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Pakistan Stamps Treasure

Pakistan Stamps 1989 Submarine Operation


Pakistan Stamps 1989 MNH 
25th Years of Pakistan Navy Submarine Operation
In 1989, Pakistan celebrated the 25th anniversary of its "Silent Service" with this F-VF MNH complete set of pictorial postage stamps issued in Strips of 3 which depict the Pakistani Navy's first submarine fleet.The top and bottom stamps depict the PNS Daphne and PNS Agosta, respectively, both of which were built in and acquired from France in 1964. The middle stamp depicts a submarine indentified as "Fleet Snorkel". This is an ERROR. There is no submarine named "Fleet Snorkel". The submarine depicted is the PNS Ghazi, a WWII American-built (USS Diablo) boat which was leased to Pakistan in 1964 as part of a military assistance program. Before she was turned over to the Pakistani Navy, Diablo/Ghazi underwent extensive modernization in accordance with the USN's "Fleet Snorkel" upgrade standards.
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