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Pakistan Stamps Treasure
Pakistan Beautiful Postcard Set Of 10 Taxila Buddha

Pakistan Beautiful Postcard Set Of 10 Taxila Buddha



A Beautiful 10 Postcard Set From Pakistan
The Known History Of Taxila Begins from the 6th Century BC when it Formed A Part Of The Achaeminid Empire Of Persia.Subsequently Conquered By Alexander The Great in 326 BC.The Greeks described it as * The Greatest Of All The Cities* in this Part Of The World.Since Then it Remained under the Successive domination of the Mauryans,the Bactrian Greeks,Scythians,Parthians,Kushanas & Sassanians,till its final destruction by the White Huns in the 5th Century AD.The Taxila Valley once the abode of many splendid Busshist establishment is
18 KM long & 8 Km Broad protected by a natural defence of hifg ridges & irrigated by the Haro River,a substantial river with its several brances.The city boasted of scores of Buddhist Stupas & Manasteries embellished with specimen of Gandhara Art.
Item Is In Mint Condition As In Picture.
Get it Before Its gone.
Save The Vintage For The Future. 

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