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Laos Fdc 2004 & Stamps Dolphins


Laos 2004 Fdc & Stamps
Ban Hang Khone on Khong island and you emerge at the edge of a wide, still pool in southern Laos, just a hundres from the Cambodian border.You’ve traveled in the hope of catching a glimpse of Paa Khaa (Irrawaddy dolphin). As you strain your eyes and stare into the cloudy Mekong , the surface of the glassy water breaks and you hear a faint but distinct “wof, wof” sound. A few Mekong dolphins are known to inhabit the lower river around the Khone Falls. This turbulent complex of rapids and waterfalls makes it impossible for the mammals to move further up stream so the grey shape in the river is one of the few left in Laos. Until six years ago, the dolphins could be seen on the other side of the falls at Attapeu, Sekong, Sepian and Sekaman, but not anymore. Nobody knows why. Villagers think that now ther are less than 10 dolphins in Ban Hang Khone compared to at least twice that number 5 yeare ago. The Mekong dolphin has a rounded head with no beak and a flexible neck. Its colour varies from dark and light blue-grey. On maturity, it reaches up two and half metres long.Their gestation period is 11 months and they give birth only once in two years. The people of Hang Khone know that dolphins mean more tourists but they also realize that it is important to save the dolphins for future generations to enjoy. Thy want to see immediate action taken to preserve the remaining Paa Khaa. 
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