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Pakistan Emirate Of Bahawalpur 1940 1359 AH Half Pice Coin


Y#12 1/2 Pice. 2.4g. Metal: Copper. Mint: Bahawalpur. Dated: 1359AH (1940). Egde: Plain. Alignment: Medal. Obverse: Bust of Al-Haj Sadiq Mohammed V Abbasi left. Reverse: Toughra. Ruler: Sadiq Mohammed Khan V Abbasi.
Half Pice Coin
Bahawalpur originally was a vassal of the great Sikh empire built by Maharajah Ranjeet Singh. In 1936 Bahawalpur stopped paying tribute and openly declared independence. In the Anglo Sikh wars Bahawalpur supported the British and this guaranteed its survival. During the 1960's the Nawab agreed for Bahawalpur to be absorbed into modern Pakistan. He was however given special privileges including the right to import several cars duty free each year. Many of the palaces are now occupied by the military and the rulers of Dubai also own a large palace in Bahawalpur."
These days Bawawalpur is definately not in the coin business. These coins, done in a British style, were minted in 1940. They bear the image of the then Nawab Sadiq Mohammed V Abbasi Al Haj, which parses as follows: Nawab was his title. Sadiq Mohammed V was his princely name. Abbasi was his family name. The honorific "Al Haj" meant that at some time in his life, me made the obligatory pilgramage to Mecca.
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